A Christmas Gift for Uganda!

Posted on: November 6, 2014 9:10 am
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This Christmas, support the SND Mission in Uganda and get the perfect gift for a loved one when you buy an autographed copy of the Covington's Sisters of Notre Dame book from the SND Provincial Center.

About the Book:

This anthology of memorable events, anecdotes, and photographs from the history of the Sisters of Notre Dame was written by Mr. Michael Hargis in 2011. Mr. Hargis, who was taught by the Sisters of Notre Dame at St. John's Parish in Covington, delved into the SND archives and referenced a number of sources, including Mother of God Church, The Diocese of Covington, and the Messenger newspaper. The book covers details from the beginning of the congregation in Europe, our 1874 arrival in Covington, and the ministries and initiatives that developed over the following 130+ years. 

2014 "Christmas Gift for Uganda" Special:

Because Mr. Hargis chose not to accept royalties from the sale of the book, the $10 profit from every book sold at the SND Provincial Center from now until December 31, 2014 will go toward the SND Mission in Uganda! Books are $22 each and are autographed by Mr. Hargis. 

To purchase a copy of Covington's Sisters of Notre Dame, please call Sr. Mary Joan Terese Niklas at (859)392-8120 or email

Thank you for your support of the Sisters of Notre Dame Mission in Uganda. Happy reading!

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