90 Years: St. Joseph Heights

Posted on: November 22, 2017 10:00 am
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November 13, 2017 was the 90th anniversary of the dedication of St. Joseph Heights at 1601 Dixie Highway.

Sr. Mary Joan Terese Niklas, archivist for the SND Covington Province, will share a special St. Joseph Heights "Did You Know...?" article each month of this 90th year.

To kick-off, take a look below at some of the documents affiliated with the provincial center's property and the architect's original plan.

St. Joseph Heights Fast Facts

  • The St. Joseph Heights Provincial Center is home to the Sisters of Notre Dame Covington Province, also known within the SND congregation as the Immaculate Heart of Mary Province.
  • The building serves as a residence or convent and houses the province's administrative offices. 
  • Julie Learning Center, an SND-sponsored institution, is located in St. Joseph Heights. 
  • Many refer to the building and grounds as "The Heights." Other terms used to describe the building are province house, provincial house, provincial center, and Notre Dame convent.
  • A nature trail, cemetery, and stations of the cross are located on the St. Joseph Heights grounds.
  • Lourdes Hall Care Center offers skilled nursing care to sisters at St. Joseph Heights.
  • Many events take place at St. Joseph Heights throughout the year, including the 4th of July Festival, high school retreats, young adult retreats, Jubilee, Hills of Kentucky Dulcimer rehearsals, and Park Hills city meetings. 

Monthly Anniversary Articles

December 2017: History of St. Joseph Heights, Part I

January 2018: History of St. Joseph Heights, Part II

February 2018: Heck Farm

March 2018: Waiting for a building/The St. Joseph Heights Association

April 2018: The dedication

May 2018: Buried treasure

June 2018: Above-ground treasure

July 2018: New wing

August 2018: The final wing

September 2018: The sister who set a record

October 2018: Ten provincial superiors in Covington

November 2018: A memento


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