2018 Uganda Maintenance Project

Posted on: July 12, 2018 4:00 pm
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This August, volunteers will travel to St. Julie Mission in Buseesa, Uganda to continue a maintenance project begun in 2014.  DONATE ONLINE

View photos from 2018 Maintenance Project

View photos from 2017 Maintenance Project


The August 2018 Maintenance Group

Bob Simon          Donnie Young         Kevin Arthur
Rick Keller          Bill Rawe          Judy Rawe

The Impact

The immediate impact of the maintenance work is safer and easier day-to-day living at the mission.

  • The roof repairs will keep out water during the rainy seasons. 
  • The ceiling repairs will prevent tiles affected by roof leaks from falling in the classrooms.
  • The new screening will keep out unwanted mosquitoes, which can transmit malaria.
  • The fresh paint will prevent the metal railings from rusting and the wood doors from splintering and rotting.
  • The new security lights will brighten an area where it is difficult to see your hand in front of your face at night.
  • The new carport to be built on-site will protect the 4x4 truck from the elements, helping us to extend its lifetime as much as possible.

The long-term impact, however, reaches far beyond daily ins-and-outs. Maintaining and progressing the infrastructure ensures that this twenty-three-year mission continues, that the sisters can remain focused on teaching and social outreach, and that hundreds of children from the rural bush area of Uganda are provided a Catholic education that is truly transformative and empowering. 

Partner with the Maintenance Trip

  • Donate online at
  • Send your donation by mail to:
    • Sisters of Notre Dame Uganda Maintenance, 1601 Dixie Highway, Covington, KY 41011
    • Checks payable to "Sisters of Notre Dame"
    • Please write "UG Maintenance" in the check memo

Maintenance Volunteers (since 2014)

  • Kevin Arthur
  • Ruth Averdick
  • Fr. Joseph Gallenstein (St. Mary, Alexandria)
  • Sr. Mary Rita Geoppinger
  • Brian Golden
  • Tom Holtz
  • Rick Keller
  • Beau McElfresh
  • Rob Montgomery
  • Bob Parsons
  • Bill Rawe
  • Judy Rawe
  • Fr. Gerald Reinersman (St. Joseph, Cold Spring)
  • Tom Rowe
  • Bob Simon
  • Doug Simon
  • Sr. Mary Janet Stamm
  • Donnie Young
  • Jim Zilliox
  • Michael Zilliox

SND Mission Fast Facts

  • Located in Buseesa and Mpala, Uganda (East Africa)
  • 260 primary school students
  • 200 nursery school students
  • 180 secondary school students
  • 3 Covington SNDs at mission (Sr. Anita Marie Stacy, Sr. Mary Judith Averbeck, Sr. Marge Mouch)
  • 1 farm that provides food for mission and employment to local residents

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