2020 Festival Beneficiaries 

All festival sponsorships, auction purchases, and grand raffle entries benefit our retired sisters and SND ministries, including some of the following:

Uganda and East Africa Missions

In 1995, two Covington Sisters of Notre Dame arrived with two California SNDs in Uganda, East Africa. Their mission: to educate and proclaim God's goodness in the Hoima Diocese of Uganda.

Over the last 25 years, Sisters from the Covington, Thousand Oaks (CA), Toledo (OH), Chardon (OH), and Coesfeld (Germany) provinces have partnered in providing quality Catholic education and vocational opportunities in Buseesa and Mpala, Uganda. 

The Sisters of Notre Dame educate more than 600 students annually at:

  • St. Julie Primary School
  • St. Julie Nursery School
  • Notre Dame Academy Senior Secondary School
  • St. Julie Mission Farm
  • Notre Dame Education Center and House of Studies and Formation

In addition to serving at the mission sites in Buseesa and Mpala, Uganda, Sisters of Notre Dame from Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, and Mozambique work together as part of the East Africa Delegation.

Click here to learn more about the Uganda Mission.

SND-Sponsored Education Ministries

Since 1874, the Sisters of Notre Dame have been missioned to "foster the fullness of life by promoting Catholic education, especially for women and children in urban and mission schools." Today the Covington Sisters of Notre Dame educate and minister to students in the urban areas of Northern Kentucky, ensuring that these students meet their academic potential and break the cycle of poverty.

You will find Sisters of Notre Dame serving as principals, administrators, teachers, and tutors at the following SND-supported institutions:

SND Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation Outreach (JPIC)

One of the action points from the SNDs’ 2016 General Chapter was to be one in diversity, especially through JPIC initiatives.

The Sisters of Notre Dame are committed to addressing three JPIC areas and integrating them into the SND way of life:

  1. Human Trafficking- Sister Lea Paolucci, who spearheaded our Province’s JPIC organization from its beginning in 2011 until her death, not only educated many about human trafficking, but worked hard to end it. Our JPIC committee strives to pick up where she left off by learning more about what human trafficking looks like and participating in activities to raise awareness among ourselves and in our communities.
  2. Immigration- As we watch the daily news, we realize that a major issue in our country and in our world is the immigration crisis. Thousands flee violence and economic deprivation, looking for a better life for their children.  Pope Francis states, “Migrants and refugees are not pawns on the chessboard of humanity.”  These are some of the most marginalized people in our world. We wish to be an advocate for their rights as human beings to be treated with compassion and kindness. A special focus is given to women and children who are desperately seeking a better life.
  3. Integrity of Creation- Pope Francis says, “…let us be ‘protectors’ of creation, protectors of God’s plan inscribed in nature, protectors of one another and of the environment.” Integrity of Creation seeks to understand the relatedness in all things and to show how each of us is connected to world. We want to educate about the most pressing environmental issues our community and world faces and to take action where we can, including in our own small, private ways, as we work together to protect what God has so graciously given to us