Favorite Blogs

Nuns in the Making

An inside look from the SND National Novitiate.

Historically, nuns have been a great mystery and fascination, especially in the media. Through our blog, we hope to show that we are human just like you.

Maria In Buseesa

This was a year's commitment but the experience of a life time!

Catholic Faith Corner

A weekly time to "Come Apart and Rest Awhile" pondering those essentials of our Catholic faith that make us whole.

Sunflower Seeds: Celebrating Everyday Spirituality

Here is a chance - every Monday - to stop and enjoy the simple, everyday things that make our ordinary lives so rich and full.

Living Justly

If you are committed to working together to build a better world, this is the blog for you.

Prayer Poems

Here are reflections on the profound message of Scripture captured in words as only a poet can with a bonus of points to ponder for personal enrichment.