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2018 Jubilee

A Jubilee marks the anniversary of profession of vows. In 2018, we celebrate the following Jubilarians and their continued commitment to proclaim God's goodness and provident care.

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Sister Mary Sebastien Schmidt
Jubilee Of Grace ~ 70 Years

Sister Mary Sebastien (Jean) Schmidt was born on May 27, 1927, to Helen and Joseph Schmidt in Newport, Kentucky. She attended St. Stephen School and Notre Dame Academy.  Sister entered the Sisters of Notre Dame in 1945 and made her first vows in 1948. She taught four years in the primary grades and spent most of her life teaching religion, Latin, and history at Notre Dame Academy and Bishop Brossart High School. In 1990 Sister was missioned to Holy Trinity Parish and School in Harlan, Kentucky. In addition to teaching religion, sister also had a food pantry and sought to help the poor and marginalized in a variety of ways. Through bi-monthly appeal letters and mission talks in a number of states, she helped to raise money for the school and the poor. In 2002 a stroke left Sister paralyzed, and she retired to Lourdes Hall at St. Joseph Heights. There she continued her appeal letters for a learning center in Harlan, which replaced the school. As a child, sister’s mother had taught her to say “All for Jesus” in every situation, especially the painful ones. In her years of teaching and helping the poor, Sister Sebastien has always tried to live by those words. Today Sister is celebrating her jubilee in heaven. She died on March 22, 2018.

Sister Mary Margaret Agnes Hemmerle
Iron Jubilee ~ 65 Years

Sister Mary Margaret Agnes (Imelda) Hemmerle was born January 27, 1933, in Southgate, Kentucky, the sixth of ten children of Charles and Margaret Hemmerle. Imelda was baptized two days later. She attended St. Therese School. After four years at Notre Dame Academy, she followed her sister Charlotte (Sister Mary Caroline) into the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame, and at investment received the name Sister Mary Margaret Agnes in honor of her mother, who had gone to God just three years before. After pronouncing her first vows in 1953, sister taught for two years. In November 1955, sister said “yes” to serve at the Generalate in Rome, Italy, praying and interceding for the congregation and the world as an Adoration sister. There sister professed her perpetual vows on July 2, 1958. Along with her daily and nightly hours of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament sister enjoyed her work in the secretarial office and helping wherever she was needed in the community. Living in an international community in Rome was a graced opportunity sister enjoyed for fifty-six years. In May 2012, sister returned to Kentucky and now serves in pastoral ministry at St. Elizabeth Hospital and at St. Charles Community. Sister is filled with gratitude for the graces of her life’s journey.

Sister Mary Lea Paolucci
Iron Jubilee ~ 65 Years

Sister Mary Lea (formerly Sister Bernadette) Paolucci was born on March 9, 1933. She is the oldest of five children born to Mary and Tony Paolucci. She has two brothers and two sisters. Sister attended St. Stephen School and Notre Dame Academy. On August 8, 1951, she entered the novitiate and received the name Sister Mary Bernadette. She made her first vows on August 25, 1953, and her final profession on August 15, 1958. In 1953, she began a long teaching career at Bishop Brossart High School, Notre Dame Academy, and Thomas More College.  After earning a degree in science and math, she received a Master’s in Theology from Providence College, Rhode Island. In 1983 Sister returned to her baptismal name, Mary Lea, and began a ministry at Lexington Catholic High School as a teacher and principal. In 1995, Sister returned to Northern Kentucky to teach adults and work at Thomas More College in the Continuing Education Department. In 1997, Sister Lea became Pastoral Associate at St. Peter Claver Church, Lexington, for the next five years. Recently, sister served as the Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation coordinator for the Covington Province. Her sixty-five years were richly blest and supported by her family, fellow sisters, co-workers, and the many students she taught. Today Sister Lea is celebrating her jubilee in heaven. She died on May 30, 2018.

Sister Mary Patricia Kenney
Iron Jubilee ~ 65 Years

Sister Mary Patricia (formerly Sister Michele) Kenney was born on April 1, 1933, at the Kenney family home, Oakley, Ohio. She was the second daughter of Virginia (Parr) and Joseph Kenney. She attended St. Cecilia School in Oakley, Ohio.  She received her call to be a sister on her First Holy Communion day, April 14, 1940. Pat had an older sister, Virginia, and a younger brother, Chris. Pat completed her high school at Notre Dame Academy and then stayed home for a year to help her Grandma Kenney.  She entered the convent the following year on February 2, 1951, made her first vows in 1953, and her final vows in 1958. Sister assisted Sister Mary Alonza in the kindergarten at the Heights as a novice. Sister Mary Patricia taught elementary school for forty-six years. In retirement, she worked at Boone County Adult Learning Center, helping others get their GED. Presently Sister Pat volunteers in a variety of programs including driving the sisters to doctor and dentist appointments, teaching PSR classes at St. Agnes Parish, telling bible stories to our Julie Learning Center students, tutoring at Notre Dame Urban Education Center, giving Communion to the elderly, serving meals to the guests at the Parish Kitchen, and participating in an adult prayer group. Sister is grateful to her family, sisters, and the children she has been privileged to serve and all who have supported her these past sixty-five years.

Sister Mary Jean Clare Lamping
Iron Jubilee ~ 65 Years

Sister Mary Jean Clare (Joan) Lamping was born on August 16, 1933, the fourth daughter of Joseph and Mary (Peter) Lamping. Two weeks later she was baptized at St. Agnes Church, Cincinnati. After grade school at St. Agnes, she attended Regina High School, Norwood, Ohio, for two years. Feeling that she might be called to religious life, she entered the aspirant school in her junior year. Her oldest sister, Henrietta, was then a professed Sister of Notre Dame, Sister Mary Thaddeus. In the summer of 1949, Joan transferred to Notre Dame Academy, and graduated in 1951. She went to Villa Madonna College for one year and then continued college while teaching grade school. In 1959 she began studying physical therapy to prepare to minister at the new St. Charles Care Center, which was under construction. After graduation she continued the work she loved at St. Charles and St. Claire Medical Center for the next 33 years. Sister did home health therapy and also worked with the RCIA program while living at St. Therese Parish in Southgate until 2010. Sister Jean Clare then came to live at the Provincial House. She volunteered at St. Charles Adult Day Program and also assisted some of the sisters with home exercise programs. In 2017 Sister joined the Lourdes Hall Health Care Community.

Sister Mary Joan Terese Niklas
Diamond Jubilee ~ 60 Years

Sister Mary Joan Terese Niklas became acquainted with the Sisters of Notre Dame while attending St. Martin Elementary School in Cheviot, Ohio. After graduating from high school, she entered the Sisters of Notre Dame on September 8, 1955, and professed first vows on August 16, 1958. She received a bachelor’s degree from Edgecliff College in Cincinnati. Her ministry included 15 years of teaching elementary/junior high students in Ohio and Kentucky. Sister obtained a Master of Religious Studies from Providence College in Rhode Island and spent an additional 15 years as Director of Religious Education in multiple parishes. For eight years she was employed at Gateway Community and Technical College in the Department of Support Services for students with special needs. Throughout the years she has maintained involvement with Ministry for the Deaf. Since 2005 Sister has served as archivist for the Covington Province of the Sisters of Notre Dame.

Sister Mary Evelynn Reinke
Diamond Jubilee ~ 60 Years

Sister Mary Evelynn Reinke entered the Sisters of Notre Dame in September 1955 and made first vows on August 16, 1958.  She received her BA from Villa Madonna College/Thomas More College, her MA from the University of Kentucky, and her PhD from Saint Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri. Sister began teaching middle grade pupils and then taught high school students at Notre Dame Academy.  She also served as an elementary principal.  Her longest ministry was in the Education Department at Thomas More College, from which she retired in May 2012 after working with prospective teachers for thirty-three years.  Since then she has been engaged in proofreading and other services within the SND community.

Sister Nancy Marie Schutte
Diamond Jubilee ~ 60 Years

Sister Nancy Marie (formerly Virginia Rose) Schutte entered the Sisters of Notre Dame September 8, 1953, and made her profession of vows on August 16,1958. Sister served in our province infirmary business office, and the business offices at St. Claire Regional Medical Center and Notre Dame Academy. Sister also assisted the children and staff at St. Aloysius Orphanage and the Diocesan Catholic Children’s Home. Sister served in various capacities at the Provincial House and shared her artistic gifts in the form of photography and exquisite handmade items. Sister Nancy Marie is presently residing in the Provincial House health care center due to her increased arthritic condition. Sister loves to read, listen to music, and enjoys nature programs on TV.

Sister Mary Delrita Glaser
Diamond Jubilee ~ 60 Years

Sister Mary Delrita Glaser joined the Sisters of Notre Dame on February 2, 1956, and professed her first vows on August 16, 1958.  After a brief period in primary classrooms in the Covington area, Sister Mary Delrita studied nursing at Good Samaritan Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio, and at the University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky.  As a registered nurse, sister served at St. Claire Regional Medical Center in Morehead, Kentucky, St. Charles Care Center in Fort Wright, Kentucky, and the St. Joseph Heights Convent Infirmary.  Over the years she ministered in areas from neonatal to geriatrics, from ER and ICU to long-term care.  In 1995, Sister was one of the pioneer missionaries to Buseesa, Uganda, East Africa, where she continued in ministry until 2013.  Currently Sister is gratefully living at St. Joseph Heights and engaged in various community services.

Sister Mary Jolene Flynn
Golden Jubilee ~ 50 Years

Sister Mary Jolene (Nancy) Flynn is the oldest of three children born to Joseph and Hazel Flynn.  She grew up in Bellevue and Ft. Wright, Kentucky.  She attended Sacred Heart School and was a member of the first kindergarten class, where she met Sister Mary Rose Paula Foltz.  While in the fourth grade, the family moved to Fort Wright, where Nancy attended St. Agnes School and Notre Dame Academy. In 1965, Nancy entered the Sisters of Notre Dame and began her education in business administration.  After graduating from Thomas More College, Sister Mary Jolene ministered at St. Charles Nursing Home in the Finance Office.  In 1977, Sister began her province ministry in the administration offices.  Sister assumed the responsibilities of provincial treasurer in 1980, a ministry she held for the next 31 years.  Sister Jolene served as a member of province administration with five different provincials as well as on community sponsored institutional boards.  In 2011 Sister was called to serve in the Congregational Finance Office in Rome, Italy, until 2016. Today sister is living at Holy Spirit Parish, Newport, and volunteering in various outreach activities. 

Sister Mary Shauna Bankemper
Golden Jubilee ~ 50 Years

Sister Mary Shauna (Patricia Ann) Bankemper is the oldest of the seven children born of Carl and Dorothy Bankemper–six girls and the youngest a boy.  She grew up in Park Hills, Kentucky, attending St. Agnes Grade School and Notre Dame Academy where she met the Sisters of Notre Dame.  After entering the Sisters of Notre Dame in 1965, Sister Shauna went to Thomas More College and Xavier University, earning degrees in elementary education and administration. Sister ministered in education as a teacher, principal, president, and superintendent in the Dioceses of Covington and Lexington.  She also served in congregational leadership on the provincial and general levels.  Presently, sister is ministering at Carmel Manor in the pastoral care department, volunteering at the Life Learning Center, and in the RCIA program at St. Joseph Parish, Cold Spring. The past 50 years have been blessed in so many ways. Sister Shauna is extremely grateful for the love with which she has been gifted throughout this sacred journey.

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