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SND Associates are men and women, married and single, who are called to share in the mission of Jesus Christ through the charism, spirituality, and ministry of the Sisters of Notre Dame. Associates make a non-vowed commitment to serve as partners with the Sisters of Notre Dame and extend the mission in their own lives, family, work, and church communities.

Associate Mission Statement:

Drawn by the charism of the Sisters of Notre Dame, we are called by our good and provident God to be a hope-filled presence in the world. 

This relationship deepens our relationship with God through prayer, moves us to solidarity with those who are poor and marginalized, and impels us to radical discipleship.

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2015-2016 Associates

On April 3, 2016, ten individuals from the Diocese of Covington and the Archdiocese of Cincinnati made their covenant as Notre Dame Associates after having completed a year of formation, during which they came to a deeper appreciation of Notre Dame history, spirituality, charism, and ministry.

View photos from Covenant Ceremony.

Patty Eglian

Patty Eglian, wife and mother of five, is currently a member of Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish in Burlington, KY.  Patty has known the Sisters of Notre Dame since she was a child in elementary school. Her devotion to Mary goes all the way back to her 7th grade teacher, Sr. M. Adelma. Patty enjoys volunteering and devotes a great deal of her time to it. She was instrumental in the founding of Mary Rose pantry and serves as a Eucharistic Minister at St. Elizabeth Hospital and Hospice. 

Patty's companion for the formation year was Associate Debbie Turner.

Jane McDaniel

Jane McDaniel learned of the Notre Dame Associates from her bulletin at Holy Spirit parish in Newport, KY and knew in her heart that this was just what she was looking for. Jane works in the front office at St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine. Some of her favorite things to do are cooking and gardening. 

Jane's companion for the formation year was Associate Leah Britt.

Shannon Miller

Shannon Miller was educated by the Sisters of Notre Dame at St. Agnes School and Notre Dame Academy. Shannon, her husband, and their three children are members of St. Agnes Church, her lifelong parish. As a registered nurse, she worked in Lourdes Hall and enjoyed being able to give something back to the Sisters of Notre Dame. Shannon is currently working on her BSN at Thomas More College and expects to complete the program in February 2016.

Shannon's companion for the year of formation was Sr. Mary Bonita Schack.

Jane Moore

Jane Moore became acquainted with the Sisters of Notre Dame through Sr. Mary Renee Neinaber at her parish, St. Mary Church in Alexandria, KY. At Sr. Renee' encouragement, Jane and her daughter, Grace, became actively involved in parish ministry. Jane is the mother of two and is office manager at Pregnancy Center East. The goodness of God is very evident to her at the Center where she sees her devotion to the women she serves as a true ministry.

Jane's companion for the year of formation was Associate Mary Ann Robinson.

Irene Nichols

Irene Nichols recently retired from her long-time teaching position at St. Thomas School in Ft. Thomas, KY and was looking for something meaningful to do. Irene and Sr. Mary Joan Terese Niklas, her friend of many years at St. Peter in Chains Cathedral, suggested that she help at the Heights. Consequently, Irene now volunteers four days a week in the convent archives with Sr. Joan Terese or in the sewing room making clothing for children in Uganda. In between, Irene and her husband enjoy traveling to visit their two children.

Irene's companion for the year of formation was Sr. Mary Joan Terese Niklas.

Juliette Smookler

Juliette Smookler has known the Sisters of Notre Dame since kindergarten. She is a graduate of Notre Dame Academy and a retired psychiatric nurse. Juliette is a member of St. Agnes parish where she met Sr. Mary Janet Stamm during their Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP). This powerful experience of community and her friendship with Sr. Janet sparked her interest in Association with the Sisters of Notre Dame. Juliette has a beautiful singing voice which she graciously shares with others. 

Juliette's companion for the year of formation was Sr. Mary Janet Stamm.

Jeanne-Marie Tapke

Jeanne-Marie Tapke has been associated with the Sisters of Notre Dame personally and professionally for many years. She and her husband, Dick, have three children, all of whom attended St. Agnes School under the direction of the Sisters of Notre Dame. Their two daughters are graduates of Notre Dame Academy. Jeanne-Marie has served on various boards with the Sisters and has been their consultant on several occasions. Jeanne-Marie is a registered nurse. Most recently she has received a Ph.D. in Nursing.

Jeanne-Marie's companion for the year of formation was Sr. Marla Monahan.

Richard Tapke, Jr.

Richard Tapke, Jr., husband of Jeanne-Marie, has for many years shared the charism of the Sisters of Notre Dame as a board member of many of our sponsored ministries. According to Dick, all that remains is to formalize his commitment through Association. What will make this experience most special is that he and his beloved wife will be making this journey together. 

Dick's companion during the year of formation was Sr. Mary Dennise Wagenlander.

Clara Trapnell

Clara Trapnell is a graduate of Notre Dame Academy and a member of St. Mary Parish in Alexandria, KY. It is through her friendship with Sr. Mary Renee Nienaber that Clara first learned of Association. After many years of active leadership in the Christ Renews His Parish program, she now feels called to something different. Association as a means to a deeper, personal relationship with Jesus seems to be what she is looking for. Clara and her husband, Howard, have six children in their blended family and they enjoy traveling to spend time with them and their grandchildren.

Clara's companion for the year of formation was Associate Joanne Kenner.

Theresa Van Auken

Theresa Van Auken has taught Religion at Notre Dame Academy for the last three years. It is there that she got to know the Sisters of Notre Dame and absorbed the congregation's charism. Immediately she felt a resonance with this spirit and wanted to share more deeply in it. Theresa believes Association is the way to do this. Theresa did her undergraduate work at Northern Kentucky University and acquired her Master’s Degree in Religious Studies at Mt. St. Joseph College. She and her husband, Tom, have three beautiful, little boys. 

Theresa's companion for the year of formation was Sr. Mary Ruth Lubbers.