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Associates of the Sisters of Notre Dame

SND Associates are men and women, married and single, who are called to share in the mission of Jesus Christ through the charism, spirituality, and ministry of the Sisters of Notre Dame. Associates make a non-vowed commitment to serve as partners with the Sisters of Notre Dame and extend the mission in their own lives, family, work, and church communities.

Associate Mission Statement:

Drawn by the charism of the Sisters of Notre Dame, we are called by our good and provident God to be a hope-filled presence in the world. 

This relationship deepens our relationship with God through prayer, moves us to solidarity with those who are poor and marginalized, and impels us to radical discipleship.

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Associate Candidates 2018-2019

Six Candidates have entered into a formation period on their journey toward becoming SND Associates in the Covington Province. During this time of formation, the Associate Candidates will join together with Sisters and Associates to experience a fuller appreciation of Notre Dame history, spirituality, charism, and ministry. This year’s Candidates are: 

Maria Blevins

Maria was born in Germany, one of six children.  She was married in 1962 and came to the United States that same year.  Maria is the mother of three, a self-proclaimed good listener and problem solver, who says that her experience of God can be summed up in one word: “Love.”  Maria lives in Highland Heights, Kentucky, and was introduced to the Sisters of Notre Dame by her friend, Associate Rita Hargett, who will companion Maria during her year of Associate formation.

Kathleen Hildreth

Kathleen is the oldest of six.  She graduated from St. Ursula Academy and Miami University.  She is married and the mother of three children, two of whom were adopted from Russia.  Kathleen is currently a guidance counselor at NDA.  She feels drawn to Association because she wants to be a part of a supportive community that would help her in her knowledge, faith, love, and service of God.  Kathleen is a member of St. Joseph parish, Cold Spring, Kentucky, and will be companioned during her year of formation by Sr. Mary Shauna Bankemper.

Patty Schmidt

Patty lives in Latonia, Kentucky, and is the mother of three adult children. She is a nursing assistant in Lourdes Hall Care Center, where she gives and receives much love. Patty says that she is truly blessed to daily be in contact with the holy women of Lourdes Hall. One of these holy women, Sr. Mary Walter Ann Kammer, said in her letter of recommendation that Patty is an asset to our charism and spirit—she is simply awesome! Patty will be companioned by Sr. Mary Janet Stamm and Sr. Mary Walter Ann (and all of the Sisters in Lourdes Hall).

Lisa Tumminello

Lisa and her husband Sam live in Independence, Kentucky, and are parents to four adult sons.  Sam says that Lisa is one of the most generous and giving persons he has ever met. Lisa is a retired CNA who formerly worked in Lourdes Hall Care Center, where Sam said she fell in love with the Sisters the moment she walked in the door. Lisa believes that God put us on this earth to take care of each other, and if we could all do that, this world would be a much better place. During her year of formation, Lisa will be companioned by Sr. Mary Norene McCormack, Sr. Mary Jean Ann Luken, and all of the Sisters in Lourdes Hall.

Anne Marie Vega

Anne Marie was born and raised in Canton, Ohio, where she was a friend of many SNDs from the Chardon Province.  She recently moved to the Pleasant Ridge neighborhood of Cincinnati to take the position of principal of Good Shepherd Catholic Montessori School. Ann Marie has an MA in Education and in Pastoral Ministry. She comes to Association believing that she brings a deep spiritual life that can only be strengthened through mutual faith sharing and immersion in a community of prayer and service.  Ann Marie’s companion during her year of formation will be Sr. Mary Evelynn Reinke.

Jack VonHandorf

Jack and his wife, Teri, have been married for twenty-seven years and have two adult children. Jack has spent thirty years in education and is currently the principal at Notre Dame Academy. Jack is interested in becoming an Associate to have an opportunity to reflect on his faith journey and have a first-hand opportunity to learn more about the charism of the Sisters of Notre Dame.  In her letter of recommendation, Jack’s sister-in-law Sue said that Jack is a man of many talents who is willing to share these gifts with those around him, he is a listener and a challenger, he is generous to all, and his spiritual life is very important to him.  During his year of formation, Jack will be companioned by Associate Adam Feinauer.   

Fast Facts - Covington Associates

Updated April 2018

  • Covington has had formal Association since 2003.
  • As of April 2018, there are 87 Associates at the Covington Province.
  • Covington Associates are located in Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee. Many live in close proximity to the Covington Province.
  • Youngest is 37 years old and most seasoned is 92 years old.
  • Three married couples have made their Associate covenant - Adam and Sherri Feinauer, Jim and Beth Schoettle, Dick and Jeanne-Marie Tapke.
  • Two sets of Associates are biological sisters - Leah Britt/Debbie Turner and Anna Geoppinger/Irene Hasenfratz.
  • Two Associates' sisters are Sisters of Notre Dame - Mary Appel is Sr. Mary Janet Stamm's sister. Rita Hargett is Sr. Mary Michyl Habermehl's sister.
  • These Associates are sisters-in law - Michele Ferguson and Sherri Ferguson; Jan Ferguson and Marilyn Polley.
  • Associates Mary Appel and Ruth Averdick are mother and daughter.
  • Four Associates have volunteered at St. Julie Mission in Uganda - Ruth Averdick, Joanne Kenner, Jeanne-Marie Tapke, Dick Tapke.