Uganda Maintenance Team

Posted on: February 3, 2017 9:00 am
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Thank you to all who traveled to the Uganda Mission as part of the January 2017 Maintenance Trip:

  • Sr. Mary Janet Stamm
  • Ruth Averdick
  • Brian Golden
  • Rick Keller
  • Jodee McElfresh
  • Bob Parsons
  • Bill and Judy Rawe
  • Bob Simon


Thank you, also, to the generous sponsors who partnered in support of the trip:

St. Mary Parish in Alexandria, KY

Ken and Rita Arrington

Daniel and Kathleen Bertram

Doug and Linda Bezold

Roger and Janet Bezold

William and Vicki Biery

Tom and Terri Birkenhauer

James and Susan Bradley

Teresa Brann

Dennis and Ruth Brennan

Shirley Buikema

Ron and Marina Burchett

Mary Ann Cheevers

Bob and Rosie Clines

Wayne Dammert

Elizabeth Dean

Barbara Deaton

Julie DeSylva

Joe and Mary Ann Droege

Charles and Nancy Ebersole

Stephen Eilerman

Sally Eilerman

Vernon and Mary Enzweiler

Karen Enzweiler

Helen Fehr

John and Tammy Fetick

Nicholas and Jean Franzen

Robert Fregolle

Rich and Shelley Frommeyer

John and Kathleen Garmany

Ray and Kathryn Geiger

Tim and Genie Glaser

Sandra Gubser

Robert and Patricia Gulley

Tom and Terri Haas

Jo Ann Hackworth

Marjorie Hartmann

Donald Heeb

Hank and Debbie Heitker

Keith and Martha Hill

Steven and Judy Hoffman

Michael and Theresa Holtz

Donald and Sharon Holtz

Ryan Huber

Allan and Anne Johnson

Susan Jolly

Robert and Margaret Kaufman

Russell and Rebecca Keller

Bonnie Keller

Roger Keller

Ronald and Barbara Kelley

Dennis & Vicki Klocke

Robert and Sandra Konerman

Joseph Kramer

Mark Kramer

Vincent and Maria Kramer

Tim and Patty Kramer

Ruth Kramer

Wayne & Kay Kremer

Jennifer Kubina

Tim and Melinda Lampke

Frank and Wilma Lauer

Gary and Judy Leick

Iva Leick

Janet Lester

Agnes MacDonald

Roger and Dee McElfresh

Gregory McGrath

Steven McGrath

Fred and Jennifer Moser

Christopher and Lauraine Navarre

Judy Niehaus

Vernon and Barbara Nieporte

Kenneth and Mary Ottman

Thomas and Janet Overberg

Bob and Judy Parsons

Marie Parsons

Sandra Patton

Greg and Millie Rawe

Anthony Rawe

Lawrence and Ginger Rawe

Nick and Maggie Rawe

Helen Reis

John and Cynthia Ripberger

Steven and Janet Robertson

John and Loree Rolf

Paul and Margaret Ruth

Joan Sandfoss

Gerald and Darlene Sandfoss

Nicholas and Carla Sarakatsannis

Mark and Joni Schabell

Joan Schack

Marty and Ruth Schadler

Timothy and Teresa Schalk

Daniel and Maria Schertler

Mary Schneider

Mark & Candy Schroder

Allan and Helen Schultz

Ken and Joan Schultz

Joseph and Deborah Schwarber

Terry and Sharon Schwartz

Terri Shields

Richard and Alice Simon

Robert and Shirley Simon

Carole Simon

Thomas and Mary Smith

Bruce and Pamela Steffen

Wayne Steffen

Ron Steffen

Thomas and Vickie Steffen

Albert and Jan Tallarigo

Bill and Jean Theis

Larry and Jill Twehues

Mary Twehues

James and Pamela Uebel

Lawrence and Sylvia Uebel

Jean Von Handorf

Mark Wadsworth

John Walker

Steven and Diane Weckbach

Sarah Weinel

Dwight and Cindy Wells

Edward and Carol Whitehead

Donna Witte

Donald Woeste

James and Angela Wolfe

Joseph Wood

Sr.M. Rita
Date: on February 7, 2017

Wow! Amazing number of supporters!! It truly does take a village... and it is so worth doing. God bless everyone involved: travelers and supporters

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