Can't Slow this Sister Down!

Posted on: September 24, 2014 9:00 am
Tags: Lourdes hall, Retirement

Sr. Mary Marjorie Gasdorf was admitted to Madonna Manor for therapy after a hospital stay earlier this year. Sister was there for seven weeks and relied heavily on a motorized scooter. Although it seemed like a long time, Sister left Madonna Manor able to once again get around with a walker, no longer needing a scooter.  Sr. Mary Marjorie is determined to keep her legs moving, so each morning she continues to do her exercise therapy on the newly purchased Nu Step machine in Lourdes Hall. Her daily workout exemplifies Sr. Mary Marjorie's personal persistence and her commitment to remaining energetic and active, so that she can fully dedicate herself to her ministry of prayer for others. 

Sisters of Notre Dame (KY)
Date: on November 5, 2014

Dear Gregory and Sr. Dennise, We sent a screenshot of your kind comments to Lourdes Hall for Sr. Marjorie to see. Thank you for keeping up with her progress.

Gasdorf Gregory
Date: on November 4, 2014

it was good speaking with you today

Dennise Wagenlander, SND
Date: on September 24, 2014

So happy to see you continuing your therapy. I love your smile.

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