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Posted on: December 13, 2016 10:00 am
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Dear Adventure to Give Participants,

Sunday's Adventure to Give was truly a blessed time! Thanks to each of you for your participation in the day!  Your generous sharing of yourselves in so many ways provided for much joy and comfort for others.  It was a pleasure to have you come together with the Sisters of Notre Dame for this Advent prayer, reflection and service time.

Sister Mary Reinette Kroeger, who spoke about the Emergency Shelter on Sunday, shared the following after being with the guests at the Shelter. 

It was a wonderful experience at the Emergency Shelter on Sunday evening. We used everything provided by Adventure to Give and fed all who were at the shelter. Some comments on the Adventure to Give offerings:

The food bags and cookies- As the guests went through the line they were so happy with the bags. The big hit was the sandwiches. And the guests were so excited with the cookies. Many took the cookie bag out and showed the others what kind they had. Many ate the cookies first.

The chili- An older lady came back to the table after she ate the chili and remarked that she remembered eating her mother's chili as a child. She said her mother made the chili with love and she felt this, too, was made with love. 

The "Goodie Bag"- The guests were soo-oo-oo grateful for the bags filled with winter wear and personal care items. They felt the warm socks and put on the gloves as they looked through the bags. One person hugged the bag for most of the evening. I saw many reading the kind notes in their bags and one man had received a little religious card.

There were so many heart-full thank-yous over and over. The blessing we prayed over the gifts and food at the end of the service was evident - so much happiness and gratitude at the Emergency Shelter.

We will be delivering the door hangers this week to the residents at Ivy Knoll in Covington and to Rosedale Green in Latonia. 

We pray that each of you and your families will have a blessed and joyous Christmas and Happy New Year!

In the Peace of Christ,

Sister Mary Ruth Lubbers

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Mary Ann Robinson
Date: on January 6, 2017

Very glad to be a small part of this afternoon. There was much joy.

Rita Hargett
Date: on December 13, 2016

That was so nice....................sorry, I had to go to see The Nutcracker................very good....

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