St. Julie Sponsors

  • Harold Dulude
  • A Friend of Sisters of Notre Dame
  • Ben and Agnes Wessels

Provincial Sponsors

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Silver Sponsors

Bronze Sponsors

  • A Friend of the Sisters of Notre Dame
  • Tom and Tina Bernheimer
  • Don Catchen and Son Funeral Home
  • Covington Catholic High School
  • David and Marion Crowe
  • Diocesan Catholic Children’s Home
  • Robert Dochterman
  • Tim and Genie Glaser
  • Heaven Sent Care, LLC
  • Holy Cross District High School
  • Kerry Toyota & Scion
  • Dr. and Mrs. Robert and Jean Longshore
  • Thomas More University
  • Thomas and Margaret Munninghoff
  • Debbie Robke & Katrina Robke Holtmeier
  • Paycor
  • St. Charles Community
  • Robert and Cathy Stevens
  • Brad and Barb Tillotson
  • Bruce and Debbie Varnerin
  • Verst Group Logistics, Inc.
  • Catherine Warnecke
  • Gerald and Donna Wigger


Marcia Akin
Roer and Sarah Andrews
Bob and Nancy Baglan
Tom Baglan
Jeanne Bitter
Nick and Therese Blank
Blank’s Pharmacy
John Boh
Henry and Audrey Bosley
Charles Brannon
Thomas and Mary Bright
Carole Cleves
Jon Draud, Commissioner
Michael and Peggy Eisenmenger
Paul and Emma Esker
Jim and Vivien Finnigan
Tom and Molly Fritz
Karen Giblin
Wendell and Pat Gottman
Patrick and Jane Geuntert
Dr. Jared Halpin
James and Mary Hedger
Hank and Debbie Heitker
Henn Plumbing, Inc.
Peggy Kaiser
Anna Knipper
Koch Refrigeration Co.
Brian and Laura Koehl
Ronald and Judith Koehne
Larry and Kathy Kramer
John and Julie Luschek
Ronald and Florence Manhardt
Missy Mozea
Paul and Donna Nozar
Ralph Olliges
Edward and Karlene Rumpke
Karen Schmidt
Scott and Rachel Sedmak
Robert and Mary Sexton
Dave and Susan Shumar
Virginia Strunk
Susan Sturgeon
Ken and Gerrie Taylor
Clara Trapnell
Susan Wedding
Edward and Carol Whitehead
Robert and Diane Wilson
Walter and Martha Witt
Priscilla Waynant
Mark and Mary Ann Zalla


Ray and Judy Arlinghaus
Elaine Bauereis
Jim Black & Sons Roofing and Sheet Metal
Paulette Boden
Albert and Shirley Bricking
Judi Carr
Joe and Jean Devore
Fedders Feed and Seed
Margaret Ferguson
Robert and Anna Geoppinger
Joyce Ginney
Mary Ellen Glaser
Donald and Therese Glossner
Marjorie Hartman
Donald & Ella Hill
Jeff and Evelyn Hitch
Carol Hodge
Myra Jennings
Margie Kruse
Doug and Susan Lammers
Michael and Susan Maxwell
Richard and Patricia McMillan
Stephen and Jane Meier
Ken and Jean Niederhausen
David and Melanie O'Brien
Lorraine Panagopulos
Margaret Post
Alan and Carol Routh
Clarence and Diane Sampson
Mary Lee Schaffer
Thomas and Janet Schipper
Patricia Schultz
Donald and Melinda Stanko
Tom and Donna Szarwark
Michael and Annette Tyra
Mike and Christine Whelan
Stephen and Katie Wolnitzek
Ray and Dorothy Zang


Terrance and Nancy Arlinghaus
Jerry and Joy Bricking
Juanita Cleveland
Jim and Judy Cogswell
Ronald Colwell
Charles and Mary Lou Dollenmayer
Amy Quinn Dye
Gilda Ferrari
James and Joann Finn
Mike and Irene Hasenfratz
Gary and Carol Hehemann
Tom and Anita Heidrich
Barry and Susan Jacobs
Sylvia Jones
Owen and Colleen McCafferty
Timothy and Patricia McDonald
Robert and Phyliss Noll
Sally Perry
Colleen Read
Norma Rebholz
Ellie Ritter
Robert and Teresa Ross
Jim and Mary Jo Royston
David and Kathleen Ruscher
Kathryn Schaller
Joseph Shuman
Karen Smith
Joyce Smyth
Rita Stapleton
Charles and Ruth Walz
Robert and Paula Zembrodt