Thank you to this year's Festival advertisers and donors! We hold them in our prayers and are grateful for their support. We ask that all of our friends "support our supporters" and to reference our list of sponsors, advertisers, and donors when you have a need.

2018 Benefactors

Marcia Akin
Anchor Grill
Roger and Sarah Andrews
Tom Baglan
Mark and Rosa Bird
John Boh
Henry and Audrey Bosley
Bruce and Pauline Bowermaster
Charles Brannon
Jerry and Theresa Brugger
Camilla Burling
Butler Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning
Carole Cleves
Robert and Linda Cochran
David DeMaria, D.M.D. Family Dentistry
Michael and Peggy Eisenmenger
Mary Jeanne Feldkamp
Jim and Vivien Finnigan
Joseph and Virginia Finnigan
Tom and Molly Fritz
Steve and Connie Fulton
Mary Gray
Robert and Maryann Grimm
Patrick and Jane Guentert
Drs. Jared and Mark Halpin
James and Mary Hedger
Hank and Debbie Heitker
Henn Plumbing
Don and Ella Hill
Len and Stella Hoegler
Koch Refrigeration Co.
Margie Kruse
Seigfred and Virginia Jalalon
Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians
Michael and Rae Maier
Phillip and Pam McDonald
Dennis and Myra McEvoy
Paul and Donna Nozar
Ralph Olliges
Oriental Wok
Mike and Sharon Petit
Margaret Post
Richard and Rita Rink
Mary Ellen Schappert
Scott and Rachel Sedmak
Robert and Mary Sexton
Dr. Daniel Sheridan, DMD
Dave and Susan Shumar
Virginia Strunk
Susan Sturgeon
Ken and Gerrie Taylor
Nola Tolle
Jon and Pamela Reinke-Walter
Priscilla Waynant
Walt and Martha Witt

2018 Patrons

Ray and Judy Arlinghaus
Marilyn Beischel
Donald Bertram
Robert and Lois Biedenharn
William and Vicki Biery
Jeanne Bitter
Margaret Blau-Anderson
Al and Shirley Bricking
Judi Carr
Connie Fry
Ken and Judith Gerwe
Luke and Laura Hehman
Mary Pat Hemmer
Myra Jennings
Doug and Susan Lammers
Owen and Colleen McCafferty
Richard and Patricia McMillan
William Miller
Ken and Jean Niederhausen
Eileen Overbeck
Greg and Beth Pitner
Colleen Read
Alan and Carol Routh
Mary Lee Schaffer
Thomas and Janet Schipper
Patricia Schlabach
Donald and Melinda Stanko
James Taggart
Steve and Cynthia Vogelsang
Robert and Diane Wilson
Stephen and Katherine Wolnitzek
Ray and Dorothy Zang
Jim and Lorraine Zimmerman

2018 Friends

Alice Bersch
Jerry and Joy Bricking
Jim and Judy Cogswell
Larry and Elizabeth Dillon
Charles and Mary Lou Dollemayer
Stan and Kathy Doss
Gilda Ferrari
Robert and Anna Geoppinger
John and Debbie Gubser
Michael Hegener
Tom and Anita Heidrich
Erma Hill
Martha Hinkel
Barry and Susan Jacobs
Sylvia Jones
Robert Kress
Michael and Susan Maxwell
Lois McClure
Tim and Patricia McDonald
Mary Pat McQueary
Sally Perry
Norma Rebholz
Ellie Ritter
Jim and Mary Jo Royston
Charles and Joyce Schuh
Karen Smith
Rita Stapleton
Stephen and Sally Walker
Charles and Ruth Walz
Ken and Helen Whitaker